Ivan Ilyin On Christian Nationalism.

Ivan Ilyin
On Christian Nationalism.

From the Russian National Unity website
(please forgive the computer generated translation)

National feeling does not contradict Christianity, but it receives from its higher meaning and a base; because it creates a unity of people in the spirit and love of the heart and attaches to the highest on earth – the gifts of the Holy Spirit bestowed every people and in their own way to translate each of them in history and cultural creativity. That is why Christian culture feasible on the ground just as the national culture and nationalism are not subject to condemnation, but the joyful and creative enterprises.

Spiritual unity

A variety of herbs and flowers in a field. Different trees, water and clouds. “There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another of the stars; and star differs from star in glory “(1Kor.15,41). Rich and beautiful garden of God; abundant species, shapes shine shines and pleased with the variety. And every nation and ought to be, and to show off, and praise God – in his own way. And in this very mnogovidnosti – already singing and praise to the Creator. And we must be spiritually blind and deaf not to comprehend this.

Ven. Seraphim of Sarov said that God cares about each person as if he were his only … This is said of the individual person. And about individual people? What about him Lord does not care at all? Rejects it, condemns and condemns? Each lily puts especial and beautiful garments; every fowl of the air and feeds remembers; and all the hair on the human head are counted, and the originality of the “World of genius” in national life curses as the origin of evil, and rejects, as a sin and an abomination? Can a Christian to adhere to such a view?

Every people serve God as best he can – throughout history, across cultures, Rudd and his singing. One nation is creatively, spiritually and flowers; and the other – not creatively and spiritually withers. There are some nations that no longer serve and become someone was history; and there are those that, in its small and sparsely-helpless ministry extinguished before reaching the peak. And there are those that can only exercise their ministry under the leadership of another, spiritually strong people …

Nationalism contemplates its kind on the face of God, contemplating his soul, his talents, his weaknesses, his historical perspective, its dangers and temptations.


Nationalism is a system of actions arising out of this love, of this faith, in this will and this contemplation.

That is why the true nationalism is not dark, anti-Christian passion, but the spiritual fire, which traces person to sacrificial service, and the people to spiritual prosperity.

Christian nationalism is a delight in the contemplation of his people in the plan of God, in the gifts of his grace, in the ways of His Kingdom. This is thanks to God for these gifts; but that there is sorrow for his people, if the people are not at the height of these gifts.

The national feeling – a source of spiritual dignity: national, and through it – and their own, personal.

In it a source of unity, – for there is a deeper and stronger unity, both in spirit and in the sight of God. In it the source of justice – this feeling of his innocence in the deep and the last measurement, the feelings of his unconditional attachment and connectedness, his home and his faithful boldness. Nationalism and teaches humility – in contemplation weaknesses and downfalls of his people (remember the penitential poems Khomyakov to Russia).

Nationalism man opens his eyes and on the national identity of other nations; it teaches us not to despise other nations, and to honor their spiritual achievements and their national feeling: for they involved the gifts of God, and they put them in their own way.

So meaningful nationalism teaches man that there is a spiritual hollowness nationless; and futility; that internationalism is a spiritual disease and the source of temptations; and that supernationalism available only truly nationalist. For create something beautiful for all people, can only be one who is established in the creative act of his people. The attempt to become “great” of internationalism and staying in its atmosphere, and gave will give only imaginary screen “celebrities” or planetary villains. True greatness soil. True genius national.

ATTITUDE of strangers

In vain talk, though nationalist “hates and despises the other nations.” Hatred and contempt does not constitute a substantive nationalism; they can be attached to all if the human soul is evil and envious. True, there are nationalists, indulging these feelings. But all can distort and misuse can be everything. Abuse can be gymnastics, poison, freedom, power, knowledge, word; can distort the love, art, court, politics and even prayer; but no one thinks prohibit and eradicate all of this just because some people take perverse forms as the only possible and healthy forms do not notice at all … When the right understanding of nationalism – the religious sentiment and national feeling is not detached from one another, and are not opposed each other; but merge and form a kind of creative unity of life, from which grows in the womb which national culture.


This does not mean that the people become the subject of religious adoration, and the idea of God is reduced to the level of the earth’s nations. The people are not God and the deification of his blasphemous and sinful. And God is above earthly divisions. But people should be put before the face of God, and the powers it should be freely bestowed from above. And if that happened, and if it is recognized, then life gets its religious meaning, and religion finds its rightful home in the national spirit. All being and the whole history of the people conceptualized as an independent and unique service to God: the acceptance of gifts of the Holy Spirit, and their introduction into the national culture. So: people are not God, but the strength of his spirit – from God. Its historical path of struggle and suffering – has let the ascent to God. And this way – roads and sacred to the nationalist. And feeling it, he confesses that the homeland is sacred, that it is necessary to live, that it is worth fighting for in the face of God, and, if need be, and die.

Christian nationalism measures the life of its people and the dignity of its people religious measure: by the idea of God and Christ, the Son of God.

Religious faith interprets nationalism, and nationalism raises himself to God. These are the foundations of Christian nationalism.

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